Pull Up Bar PRO2 Combo Cable Machine


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Workout Triceps and Biceps; Pulley System Fitness Pull Down Cable Equipment.

Color: Black
Weight: 7 KG
Material: Steel
Max User Weight: Tested up to 150KG
Size: 1200 x 660

You won’t need to wear gloves to maintain your grip. Perfect for attaching gym rings, resistance straps, and suspension mounted strength trainers.
Our wall mounted pull up and cable machine has been constructed using only the highest quality materials, this includes heavy-duty steel for both the base and the weight plate holder, as well as reinforced metal for the pulleys.
Ideal for various strength training exercises – You can use our wall mounted Pull Up Bar PRO2 Combo Cable Machine to perform lat pulldowns, triceps extensions, cable crossovers, etc.
Perfect for garage and pro gyms.
The front pulley can be rotated left and right, and 2 sets can be purchased to achieve big bird training.

Proudly manufactured in South Africa

Installation: Holes need to be drilled into the wall during installation and fixed with expansion screws (provided in the pack)

The product does not include counterweights

What’s in the box
1 x Pull up Bar PRO2 Combo Cable Machine
Expansion screws


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